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Music Central is the place in South Jersey for all your fretted instrument repairs. We restring all stringed instruments for $10-15 plus the cost of strings and can setup your guitar for $45 plus the cost of strings.  We do NOT repair band instruments at either store. 

Guitar Repair Price Guide

The following price list represents a general guideline. Actual prices may vary depending on the degree of difficulty. (Prices DO NOT include strings or parts)

Basic Service

Minimum Bench Charge $25.00 Includes small jobs such as strap buttons and restringing
Setups $55.00-$75.00 Truss rod, action, intonation, clean electronics, polish frets and oil fingerboard
Fret level $95.00

Basic setup plus level, crown and polish frets

Pickup Installation

Solid body electric $55.00 without routing
Arch top style $84.50
with routing - - - and up
without routing
with routing - - - and up
Acoustic $52.00 - $78.00
$97.50 - $162.50

under the saddle piezo

with preamp

Other Services

New nut and/or saddle $32.50 and up depending on type of material
Electronic repair $30.00 bench fee - price varies with problem
Pick-up shielding $84.50  
Tuner installation $32.50 retro fit
Refret $52.00
modify headstock
unbound, unfinished
bound or finished fingerboard
Broken neck/headstock $97.50 Minimum
Truss rod replacement $125.00  
Neck reset $350.00 - $425.00  
Heat-set badly bowed neck $65.00 plus setup
Bridge and/or brace regluing $40.00 and up



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